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Supercharge Your Stamina for Sex with these Male Enhancement Foods

Did you know that out of 3 males, one of them is actually suffering from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction? Stay away from this problem through paying strict attention to all the food that you take in. To help you out, here are some of the highly recommended male enhancement foods that are guaranteed to supercharge your sexual stamina.

Raw Oysters

An all time favorite and classic aphrodisiac, raw oysters have high amounts of zinc that is crucial when it comes to the production of semen, sperm and testosterone. Testosterone is the one that governs both your sexual stamina and libido. Aside from this, raw oysters can also boost your dopamine levels that are responsible for creating happy feelings as well as increasing the desire in order to have longer lovemaking.


The berries have long been regarded as among the all around healthiest types of foods that you can ever find in this planet. This is certainly an unarguable fact, especially since these can also have a positive impact on your overall sexual potency and sexual health. The blueberries particularly are regarded as super sexual food options due to their unique effects that are almost the same with those of Viagra. The compounds of blueberries can help in relaxing your blood vessels and improving the blood circulation throughout your body. These berries are also chock-full of fiber that can help push out the excess cholesterol before this ends up deposited in the arteries. It then promotes blood surge to the penis every time you have an intercourse that can lead to stronger and longer erections.


Garlic is rich in allicin, an active compound that is believed to have the ability of increasing the flow of blood going to your sexual organs. When there is an increased flow of blood in your genital area, this can result to longer lasting erections, which can then increase your stamina for sex.


These tasty male enhancement treats happen to be great natural sources of one kind of amino acid, L-arginine that is vital for boosting men’s sexual stamina. L-arginine can relax the blood vessels in the penile area which can then cause more flow of blood to the genital region that will increase sexual stamina.


Figs contain high amounts of amino acids that serve as building blocks for all the hormones and at the same time, these can also boost your stamina. Any deficiency in amino acid can make your bedroom performance less than optimal, thus decreasing your libido.


Regarded as the father of all the phallic symbols, banana can boost your sexual stamina through increasing your levels of energy when having a sexual intercourse. Bromelain, the enzyme that it contains, can enhance libido as well as potency. Bananas are also great source of B vitamin that is helpful for supercharging your performance and energy inside the bedroom.


Yes, you have read that right. Even this favorite delicious treat can also help in order to improve your sexual stamina by providing the endurance boosters, alkaloid and phenylethylamine, the former offering caffeine effects to increase energy levels and the latter being a chemical that can promote great feelings when having sex.

In order to achieve a faster and pursue more natural track when it comes to your male enhancement, it is best that you consult your doctor regarding the use of high quality and all natural supplements that can perfectly combine the action of nutrients and herbal extracts in order for you to have an improved sexual stamina and better erections.

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