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Signs of Male Sterility to Watch Out For

Signs of Male Sterility to Watch Out For

You are likely experiencing infertility problems if you are unable to conceive after having unprotected sex for about a year. Both men and women have risks of being sterile, and there are certain factors at play here, including smoking, excess drinking, unmanaged stress, and poor nutritional intake. If these causes are not the root of male infertility, you may have one of these specific problems.

One potential cause of male infertility is ejaculatory issues. Of course, no child can be successfully conceived if a man is unable to ejaculate, which occurs when he orgasms and sperm is propelled into his partner’s vagina and onto her uterus. The uterus is where sperm search for egg, implanting them. Symptoms that ejaculatory issues are causing male infertility include trouble achieving or keeping an erection. There are orgasms, too, that do not lead to the excretion of semen, as well as there are unusual urination symptoms that can manifest. If your urine appears white or milky after orgasm, ejaculation problems could be the culprit.

As your testicles are important components in fertility, any issue with these small, oval-shaped organs can cause trouble in your fertility potential. Your testicles produce testosterone and sperm – the former is crucial for erections and your libido, while the latter is necessary to fertilize female eggs. Signs of testicular problems are masses on your scrotum, as well as one smaller testicle and little or no sperm. Additionally, there could be undescended testicles or slightly enlarged breast tissue. Watch out, because testicles that have not naturally descended into your scrotum can also increase your risk for cancer.

Finally, it could be hormonal problems that have a hand over your fertility concerns. Men have various hormones in their body that can fluctuate and bring about changes, like in women. Clues to look out for include small or soft testicles, blurred vision, erectile dysfunction, hair growth pattern changes, insomnia, changes in voice, muscle weakness, and irritability, to name a few. Consult your doctor or see a fertility specialist if you see one or more of these given symptoms.

You should not take the symptoms for granted, as it is best to detect any fertility issue early on, so you can address it right away and plan steps needed to be taken with your partner. Work closely with your physician for the proper diagnosis and treatment. Disclose any male enhancement solution you are taking, too, during the course of identifying your fertility problem.

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