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Sexual Positions to Explore

It’s not only proper male enhancement that’s important if you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction signs and want to supercharge your sex life and pleasure. You would also need a handful of imagination, along with having the right frame of mind and attitude to achieve the best sex ever.

It’s very important that you master the basics: the foreplay, tongue action, and your sexual position. A knowledge and application of these various sexual positions is recommended – you may find some of them too intense or maybe too easy to master, so you’d need to find the ones fit for you. There’s also a chance that you’ll find out that you’ll only “come” when you’re in a specific position.

Here are top sexual positions to explore and master:

  • Missionary – In this classic position, you stay on top and take advantage of its intimate nature. You look at her eyes while you lie between her legs, she propped up on your arms. Thrust as deeply as you want, and she can thrust back and vary the sensation through altering her leg positions.
  • Doggy style – This position is great while you’re wearing your favorite sex ring and filled with lust. Here, your lady love kneels on all fours – maybe resting on her elbows – and you enter her from behind. This position allows you to stroke her in the best spots as you push deep inside.
  • Cowgirl – Your girl gets to control the depth and rhythm by riding high on top of you, while you watch her perform all those sexy moves. Your lady either kneels or squats over you, and leaning forward, she can massage her own clit and intensify her orgasm.
  • Reverse cowgirl – Your partner does the same kneeling and squatting over you as you lie on your back, but this time she faces away and you bend back a bit inside her. It’s a chance to experience a whole new different sensation.
  • Spoons – This is one of the most comfortable sexual positions there are. You lie like when you cuddle, and on your sides, you face the same way, with your legs curled into each other. It’s like two spoons that fit together. Enter your partner from behind and get a range of new sensual feelings.
  • Coital alignment technique (CAT) – CAT allows you to a greater potential for “coming” together. Start off with doing the missionary. Shift up her body so your pelvis is directly above hers, and you’re resting your full weight on her. She hooks her legs around yours and keeps them as straight as possible. Rock back and forth for maximum stimulation you can get.

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