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Hightenz Summary

Last Updated: April 07, 2021

Product Information
United States of America

Hightenz is another male enhancement supplement, but we’re not sure if it is still a strong contender given word that it is already off the market and may already be floating around now in the black market. At any rate, it is promoted as a viable choice for men who are suffering from premature ejaculation, and is in the league of other creams lotions designed to fight this male sexual woe. Hightenz intends to improve libido or sex drive as well as erection quality and strength, too, positioning itself as an all-around sexual solution.

Hightenz is primarily made up of Lidocaine, which is similar to those found in most other ejaculation delay sprays or creams. It is a mild local anesthetic, and even used by dentists for prepping gums for Novacaine. It also has components for erectile improvement, including L-arginine (increases blood flow to the penile area), ginseng (helps increase blood flow and energy), and Avena sativa (helps enhance free testosterone amount in the male body).

Hightenz pays attention to both premature ejaculation and enhancement problem treatment via supplementation. It is a viable option for men who are done taking capsules or tablets, without reaching their desired level of success. Hightenz is also expected to immediately, or without any pronounced waiting time or anticipation of its complete onset.

Hightenz can be quite expensive compared to other male enhancers, particularly those in pill form. It should be known, too, that the topical cream – when it rubs off other surfaces, such as a woman’s vagina – may numb and remove feeling. For the lady partner of the male user, this can kills the building sexual pleasure during intercourse. Finally, it cannot be verified if it is still officially positioned on the male enhancement market.

The Verdict
Hightenz has a couple of positive merits, including its immediate benefit or action against premature ejaculation. It can be an option for men who have exhausted pill formulas against rapid ejaculation, and therefore want a newfound solution they can try. But the devil being in the details, we are not sure it is the best pick for you – Hightenz may already be off the market, and comes with the usual issues in using ejaculation creams. If you want to see how angry your lady is for her lack of sensation (due to the cream rubbing off her genitals), then try products of this kind.

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