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Herbal V Summary

Last Updated: April 07, 2021

Product Information
Lane Labs
4445 Highway A1A Suite 200
Vero Beach, FL 32963
United States

Herbal V is a male enhancement supplement that is created by Lane Labs USA and mainly supports blood flow to the male genitals for proper sexual functioning. It is promoted natural and convenient, and featuring a so-called “scientifically balanced formula” of herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals, and other beneficial ingredients. The recommended intake is one capsule taken two hours before sexual activity.

The benefits of Herbal V are mainly genital blood flow support, maximizing sexual performance, and being natural and fast-acting. The supplement is recommended to be taken alongside Fertil Male, from the same manufacturer and targeting fertility health of Men. Herbal V is also suggested to be taken with healthy blood glucose and with physical exercise.

Vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, selenium, yohimbe extract, damiana extract, saw palmetto extract, Panax ginseng, royal jelly, gelatin, silica

Herbal V is recommended to be taken once a day, and this can be considered an optimal dose. The manufacturer also proposes the use of complementary product Fertil Male for fertility enhancement. Finally, you can take advantage of discount coupons to make it easier on the pocket.

On the downside, Herbal V does not exactly reveal the science behind its formulation, and instead settles for citing random studies on some of its herbal ingredients. It is laziness, on top of overgeneralized benefit claims made by the product. Finally, you should know that it contains yohimbe, controversial on its own for its documented side effects that prompted a banning notice from the FDA.

The Verdict
Herbal V stands for “herbal Viagra,” and this is a smart way to position yourself in a pool of male enhancers today. The name implies that you have an herbal composition but the capabilities of Viagra – sans the drug formula. Upon closer inspection, however, we found that there is nothing much that substantiates Herbal V and its advantage over other supplements of its kind. Add this to the fact that it contains yohimbe and lacks clinical studies for transparency.

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