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Hardazan Plus Summary

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First Impressions Still Mattewr

Two words jumped out at us when we were researching Hardazan Plus (Formerly known as Extenerex): PROSTATE BENEFITS.  We were surprised and excited to learn that this male enhancement product has recently been reformulated to not just focus on penis enlargement or libido improvement, but also prostate health. While this product does show much promise as a potent male enhancement product the added benefit of increased prostate health had us considering ranking this the number two product of our list.

What’s Inside the Pill?

Some 30 plus ingredients know for their male enhancement properties. We commend the manufacturers of Hardazan Plus for also including vitamins and minerals in the mix. As for the complete list of components, Hardazan Plus has: Asian red ginseng, beta-sitosterol, bioperine, catuaba bark, cinnamon bark, cistanche bark, cranberry extract, epimedium, Ginkgo biloba, ashwagandha, L-alanine, L-arginine, L-glutamic acid, L-glycine, lycopene, maca root, muira puama bark, niacin, oyster extract, pine bark extract, Pygeum africanum, quercetin, saw palmetto, Schizandra berry, stinging nettles, Swedish flower, Tongkat ali, Tribulus terrestris, vitamin B6, vitamin E, and zinc oxide.


The prostate benefits are a big plus since most male enhancers focus soely on the obvious, making the penis longer and thicker and longer lasting erections. Credit also goes to Hardazan Plus for making sure that the formulation despite the incredible number of components is still safe and effective. Worth noting are the product’s specific prostate benefits including: bladder strengthening, promotion of uninterrupted urine stream, bladder control support, and elimination of painful urinations or dribbling. Best of all, Hardazan Plus is also a yohimbe free male enhancement, NO side effect whatsoever.


Though the product offers more than the usual male enhancement product benefits, it is still subject to certain differences in body chemistry. Some men may find the product effective in just a couple of uses, while it may take others longer to experience the full benefits of Hardazan Plus. It’s not a disadvantage per se since like other top selling products once the benefits are seem they will continue as long as usage continues.

The Verdict

This was a close call. Hardazan Plus is certainly one of the top selling male enhancement products now available and the prostate health is a great plus. We ultimately ranked this product second but if prostate health is of great concern this might move to the top of the list for those customers. It’s packed with potent ingredients and it offers promising prostate benefits. We do, however, think that some streamlining of components might lessen the possibility of allergic reactions, at least for some consumers who are not used to taking herbal supplements. But if you are used to taking vitamins etc, this is a great product and seems to our team to also be a great value considering its extra benefits. Strong buy and strong product for our number two choice.

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