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Flomax Summary

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Product Information
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Also known as tamsulosin HCI, Flomax is approved for the treatment of male urinary symptoms brought about by a condition known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or enlargement of the prostate. It is only taken with a doctor’s proper diagnosis, prescription, and close monitoring, as it should be established that the condition being treated is BPH and not a more serious one like cancer of the prostate.

Flomax is taken every day as exactly prescribed by the doctor, with no crushing, chewing, or opening up of capsules to be done. It is ingested once a day, about half an hour after the same meal every day. Once you miss a dose, take it soonest possible and only for BHP, not for a separate condition such as hypertension.

Flomax is a prescription drug containing Tamsulosin hydrochloride, USP.

Flomax is a target and appropriate treatment for BPH, as properly diagnosed by a qualified healthcare provider. Its huge merit is it emerges from a huge pharmaceutical company, which may satisfy the credibility requirements of any BPH patients. Since it is prescription-based, the exact need for intake is determined beforehand.

Flomax is prescription only, and may therefore be cost-prohibitive and limited in access for some BPH patients. It is strictly for BPH alone, and not for a separate prostate issue. Therapy can be expensive in the long run.

The Verdict
This small gland in your body can get enlarged over time due to a rich variety of factors, including aging and certain medical conditions. This is where Flomax comes in handy: it is a targeted, prescription-based approach to treatment, and eliminates the guesswork because of this nature of the therapy. But as we continue to advocate on this site, we believe that supplementation may also be a sound way to go, particularly in preventing prostate issues in the first place. Meds like Flomax should be taken with strict safety guidelines in mind and for no other condition that your prescribing doctor does not know about.

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