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Extenerex Summary

Last Updated: April 07, 2021

Product Information

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Extenerex is another male enhancement supplement that boasts of herbal extracts that are traditionally used for the improvement of male sexual function and performance. It is focused on enhancing erection quality, mainly through increasing blood flow. It also claims that it can power up your libido (sexual desire) and even provide prostate support. Being a supplement, Extenerex offers the convenience of being prescription-free, and promises being clinically tested and proven. Two capsules are recommended to be taken every day (with food and water) for so-called immediate and long-term gains.


Extenerex contains herbal extracts such as epimedium, saw palmetto, Tribulus terrestris, and Korean red ginseng. It also boasts of L-arginine, which increases nitric oxide production for relaxing the blood vessels in the penis and allowing enhanced blood circulation. However, there is no full ingredient list published on the Extenerex website.


Extenerex offers an enhanced buying experience with its discounts for multiple purchases, as well as its 60-day 100% money back guarantee that topples similar offers from other sexual enhancement supplements. It is also formulated with time-tested herbal extracts and excludes yohimbe, although we would rather read and be informed of the full composition of the product.


Extenerex fails to present the clinical data that will back up its claims for effective male enhancement. It particularly needs to expand its reach and improve its position on the sexual enhancement market, and make useful product and manufacturer’s information as a good starting point.

The Verdict

As it is now, Extenerex appears to have the decent workings of a male enhancement supplement, with a clear and decisive focus on improving erection size, strength, and overall quality. But with more than one capsule recommended to be taken every day, combined with the lack of some fundamental product details, we conclude that it does not offer the value that you deserve for its price. It is smarter to go for a product that shows more compelling work and service in this area of male health and functioning, rather than settle for just any supplement promoted even with great effort.

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