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Extamax Summary

Last Updated: April 07, 2021

Product Information

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Extamax is another male sexual enhancer that peddles an ability to help you achieve increased penis size and enhanced sexual potency. Its focus is on maximizing the length, width, and power of your genitals, which in turn converts to better self-confidence in sex. It works according to the mechanism of increased penile blood flow, which can provide bigger, more strengthened erections and quality of lovemaking. Extamax also claims that its capability to increase the amount of blood that fills your penis during erection can lead to permanent penile tissue growth in the long run.


Extamax contains traditional herbal and nutritional components such as L-arginine, maca root, catuaba bark, muira puama, Tribulus terrestris, oat straw, ginger, cayenne, and Korean ginseng. The latter three, for instance, are poised to help increase sexual energy and endurance. L-arginine, as it is widely promoted, increased nitric oxide production to firm up your erections. Note, however, that Extamax also contains yohimbe, which has been flagged for potential serious side effects.


This male enhancement formula combines potent, rather time-tested herbal ingredients. Of course, excluded from this praise is yohimbe, which is facing a lot of ire for the barrage of serious side effects that have been reported. Additionally, Extamax offers a money back guarantee alongside a number of ordering options for its customers.


On the downside, Extamax need further proof and evidence of its penis enlargement claims. It also needs to beef up its customer review and testimonials for enhanced credibility. Furthermore, we suggest tweaking its misleading free trial, which should be noted to only come with a future Autoship signup.

The Verdict

To its credit, Extamax puts together traditional, time-tested herbal extracts and strives to make relevant male enhancement claims. However, we must note that it has a number of missteps, foremost of which is the inclusion of yohimbe in its formula. As if that is not enough, the penis enlargement claims are on the verge of baseless and exaggerated without the clinical data and proof to back them up. Further honesty is necessary, too, by revealing that its Free Trial offer only comes with an Autoship in the future. In order to reign on top, Extamax has to reveal the needed basic information like the science that backs it up, as well as get rid of factors that burden it, e.g., adding yohimbe as an ingredient.

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