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Extagen Summary

Last Updated: April 07, 2021

Product Information

Palo Alto Labs
United States of America


Extagen is said to be all about taking control of your sex life and gaining the penile size that your lady with love. According to its official site, it stands above other sexual enhancers in that it is a revolutionary formula for gaining self-confidence and manhood supremacy back. Pegged on a “changing lives worldwide” campaign, Extagen offers clinically proven ingredients for size increase and maximum performance in bed. Extagen’s ingredients are targeted to help increased natural blood flow to your penis, as well as provide safe male enhancement sans risky side effects.


Much to our dismay, we found no official ingredient list on the product website. Upon further check, though, we found that Extagen contains L-arginine, Tribulus terrestris, catuaba bark, horny goat weed, and similar herbal components. Unfortunately, though, it also contains yohimbe, which is a very controversial ingredient due to potential risks and side effects that not even the FDA can afford to overlook.


Extagen is on the affordable side of male enhancement supplements today. Additionally, it offers trial packs for first-timers who want to explore using the supplement without the commitment of purchase. So far we have heard good results from it.


On the flip side, we feel that Extagen does not provide us plenty of information about the product and its ingredients, effectiveness data, and details on its manufacturer. At the same time, the claims it is making are quite vague and too general to make a dent in sexual enhancement if it keeps things that way. As cherry on top, the product suffers from a sizable number of negative reviews online.

The Verdict

Knowledge is power, and this is true in male enhancement supplements that need to arm its potential customers with all the data and information they can get for a smart purchase. In the case of Extagen, it makes trial offers that can encourage a sort of tryout of the product. It also stays on the affordable side, a good consideration for many male buyers. But is there power in the information it provides? No, because the deficiencies are aplenty: the lack of official product ingredients, clinical findings, and manufacturer’s details. It is also hard to overlook the negative reviews that customer give the product online. It has to undergo an reformulation and/or an image overhaul to appear to buyers better and present good intentions to its target public.

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