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Expanzite Summary

Last Updated: April 07, 2021

Product Information

United States of America


A male performance enhancer, Expanzite is created by LifeSmart Laboratories. According to its manufacturer, it is the product of three years’ worth of research, with four major cultures as the source of data. While they are open about Expanzite having no clinical evidence of overall effectiveness, the makers promote that users can have a bigger and stronger penis, as well as increased sexual confidence, performance, and satisfaction. A bottle of Expanzite contains 60 pills, and users are recommended to take two capsules of the product a day. It is suggested to be taken half-hour to two hours before lovemaking to see concrete improvements.


Regrettably, there is no ingredient list presented on the product’s official website. This review can only guess that heavyweights in male enhancement, such as L-arginine, are present in the formulation. There is no certainty here since the manufacturer does not provide official info.


Expanzite is positioned as a sexual enhancement supplement that is well-researched and clinically tested. It also offers special deals and discounts, making it a bit on the affordable and budget-friendly side. Additionally, it boasts of positive reviews on Amazon.com, even with the limit amount of information available about the product.


It is great waste of a product to show no basic information needed by the consumer, such as the full list of ingredients. The product, too, takes on a “miracle pill” approach to penis enlargement, which we find hardly believable and convincing for practical results. for starters, it does not have focus on its campaign – what does it aim to provide other than fundamental erectile dysfunction therapy?

The Verdict

Expanzite, while convincing in its name, leaves a lot to be desired when we try to get to the specifics. It is not targeted in its goals – how else can it serve users other than improve erectile strength and size? It even more becomes a letdown when we find that the ingredient list is hidden from view, and there is hardly anything substantial to be known about the product. For male enhancement seekers, this lack of knowledge won’t help and can lead to disastrous buying decisions. Stick to a product that can empower you with the details you need.

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