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Erectol Summary

Last Updated: April 07, 2021

Product Information

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The official product website of Erectol states that it takes as little as 30 minutes for the supplement to work its magic and produce male enhancement effects. The recommended daily dose is one capsule a day, and the benefits include not just fighting erectile dysfunction but also helping permanently strengthen the prostate. Erectol’s makers dub it the number one in the United States in its category, or among herbal supplements for this prevalent male sexual condition. The main promoted benefits are effortless erections any time they are willed and within weeks of regular use. Erectol is recommended for men ages 19 to 90, with a touted 98 percent efficacy rate among users.


Erectol’s ingredient list includes the following: Avena sativa, highlighted for improving male and female sexual desire, performance and sensation; damiana, a sexual tonic used for hundreds of years; muira puama, also known as potency wood and intended for helping improve libido and erectile status; and yohimbe, which is for increasing blood flow and libido. Other Erectol ingredients include Siberian ginseng, saw palmetto, boron, vitamin E, zinc, phosphorus, chlorophyll, and ginkgo biloba.


Erectol has a number of positive and downright impressive qualities, such as a comprehensive explanation of the erection system and male sexual functioning, as well the factors that get in the way of their optimal wellness. The formulation is also composed of herbal extracts that are traditionally used and celebrated for this purpose.


The official product site lacks very important information, including ordering process, shipping guidance, and dedicated customer service. Erectol also contains yohimbe, which is controversially looked at even by the FDA over safety concerns.

The Verdict

We laud Erectol for its one-a-day formulation, its herbal and nutritional mix, and its ability to work in as little as 30 minutes. These are good factors for causing a positive impact on male erectile function. There are so many tweaks, however, that we need to emphasize here; the inclusion of yohimbe, which will bring it over to the controversial and quite too-potent side; providing important information such as on customer service; and deficiency in areas like providing a money back guarantee and showing added value for money to potential customers.

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