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Erectinol Summary

Last Updated: April 07, 2021

Product Information

United States of America


Hailing itself as the Godzilla of sexual stimulation, Erectinol is said to blow everything else away, particularly the male enhancement products that have been previously been tested for effectiveness. It is said to be anchored on the technology of years of research of hundreds of different men who are going through sexual performance issues. Erectinol is touted quick-acting, and with a powerful blend of natural ingredients with optimal dosage amounts to get blood rushing into the penis. This supplement boasts of a three-step program:

  1. Erection builder – stimulation of NO production, the key factor in the regulation of smooth muscle relaxation and dilation
  2. Estrogen eliminator – providing DIM to support a balance in estrogen levels and to build testosterone levels for increasing sexual stamina
  3. Sexual energizer – Showcasing a potent aphrodisiac herbal extracts to restore decreased libido, stimulate sensory nerves, and promote improved sexual performance.


Erectinol contains the following: Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin), L-arginine, DIM (diindolymethane), Horny goat weed, Muira puama, Di-calcium phosphate, Microcystalline cellulose, Stearic acid, Magnesium stearate, Croscarmellose sodium, Silica, and other ingredients like titanium dioxide.


Erectinol earns points with its 60-day money back guarantee and its Easy Ship program that has customer-friendly terms and conditions. We also appreciate that it combines potent aphrodisiac and erection-friendly herbal extracts for exactly what it promises to do, such as build erections, eliminate estrogen, and energize you for the lovemaking.


The downsides of this male enhancement supplement include its severe lack of customer reviews and testimonials, coupled with the absence of credible clinical data and numbers that we can rely on for its quality, safety, and effectiveness. Safety is critical in male enhancement solutions, so you should heed any warning that comes with a product, such as for Erectinol: do not take it with MOA inhibitors if you are a hypertension patient.

The Verdict

While encouraged by its strong three-phase system for improved erections and libido for sex, we feel that there could so much more to be improved in its formulation. In our product trial that spanned four weeks, we see rather dismal developments in erectile, stamina, and ejaculatory measurements. The lack of customer reviews compound the problem, as there is hardly any way for us to gauge Erectinol’s performance and reputation among male enhancement seekers.

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