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Enlarge Quick Summary

Last Updated: April 07, 2021

Product Information

Crest Labs
United States


Enlarge Quick is another male enhancement supplement available on the market. It promises a penis size increase of up to five inches, and in width by up to 50 percent. Instead of the usual tablet or capsule form, it is a potent liquid formula that focuses on advantages in absorption and accelerating the process of male enhancement.

Apart from targeting penis enlargement, Enlarge Quick also boasts of a whole range of benefits, which include better sexual stamina, sexual performance, and frequency of sexual intercourse every night. It is very well considered extra strength for men who are hounded by size issues – who need to “measure up” when it comes to their penis size.


Enlarge Quick is composed of enhancing ingredients for better digestion and absorption. These components include Epimedium Extract (leaves), Cnidium Extract (fruit), Xanthoparmelia Scarbosa Extract (lichen), Gamm-Aminobutyric Acid, Dogwood Fruit (Cornus officianalis), Foxglove Root (rhemennia glutonosa), Tribulus terrestris extract, and Ginkgo Biloba.


This supplement provides a liquid formulation, which is a breather among so many supplements in tablet, capsule, or soft gel form. It also offers a concrete timeline of its benefits and key advantages, which sets expectations among users. It is produced in the United States and this fact appeals to male enhancement users who are conscious about where the product is manufactured.


We are looking for more information about the product and its manufacturer, but we are still largely left in the dark. Enlarge Quick also contains yohimbe, which has raised red flags for safety risks and side effects. We are also unsure if science is on its side, as there are no hard data to vouch for its efficacy and its advantage against other products. it seems to capitalize on its unique formula but falls short of explaining why users should go for it.

The Verdict

We would likely buy Enlarge Quick if it is able to make a follow-through to its unique formula pitch. However, we don’t see it going beyond the “liquid formula” copy and fails to provide other key data and information on how it works, what aspects of male sexual functioning it benefits, and what why it should be rated well. The presence of yohimbe itself is quite a letdown, because the controversial ingredient has been documented to have serious side effects. Equip up with more empowering facts and we just might consider purchasing. For now, it’s likely a no-go.

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