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Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced Summary

Last Updated: April 07, 2021

Product Information

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Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced is a male enhancement pill that claims what other products of its kind do: a natural herbal constitution, penis enlargement and related sexual benefits, and other properties for the enlargement of the erectile tissues of your manhood. It can potentially benefit different areas of male sexual function through its ingredients, which include epimedium also known as horny goat weed and is used for improving erections and libido, and ginkgo biloba, medicinally known since 5,000 years back for its positive impact on your brain, central nervous system, and against erectile dysfunction.


Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced pills are composed of herbal ingredients such as epimedium, ginkgo biloba, Oriental ginseng, saw palmetto, yohimbe, and Ptychopetalum olacoides, catuaba bark, L-arginine, Pygeum africanum, and Smilax officianalis.


Bigger and harder erection whenever desired – this is our main takeaway from Dr. Bross’ marketing pitch. This is mainly through increased blood flow to the male genitals, where erection size is claimed to be bigger by up to four inches within a time frame of continued use. Dr. Bross also claims that it can put a stop to premature ejaculation, which is among the common sexual health concerns of men worldwide. It also aims to reduce recovery time in between sexual encounters of male users.

The positive sides of this campaign are the special promotions available to multiple or repeat buyers, the range of complementary adult products to enrich the lovemaking, as well as the Autoship program that the manufacturer has put in place.


We would advise you to be wary of jumping into purchasing Dr. Bross immediately because of its severe lack of important product information and customer service channels. We think, too, that Dr. Bross is a rather overused persona in male enhancement but needs to brings so much more to the table. We also warn against the lack of data to back up the erectile improvement of up to four inches, as its copy suggests.

The Verdict

While strongly marketable and with a great presence, Dr. Bross needs to go beyond the lip service it has been doing for a number of years now. It offers good deals and promos, but it should not only be aspirational but also efficient and practical. For instance, it needs to infuse its own website with the right details on the product, its safety, and it manufacturer’s reputation. Additionally, it might want to rethink the addition of yohimbe in the mix, as the herbal extract needs to be proven safe amid alarm bells from the FDA and studies.

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