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Deferol Summary

Last Updated: April 07, 2021

Product Information

iDist Laboratories, LLC
United States of America


This male enhancement supplement is created by iDist Laboratories, LLC, and is positioned on the market as an over the counter solution for premature ejaculation, which afflicts a sizable number of the male population worldwide. Even though who are seemingly at the peak of their sexual game and lives can experience early ejaculation at one point and may need the assistance that supplements of this kind can offer. Deferol is said to be scientifically designed to help me the natural way, and is being touted as a “natural science innovator” that is pharmacist-formulated.


Deferol is promoted to be made up of a patented blend of ingredients, including griffonia seed extract, passilfora coerula plant extract, and essential vitamin compounds and enzymatic cofactors that include vitamin B6, active vitamin B6, vitamin B9, and other ingredients that help convert 5-HTP to serotonin (5-HT) to its active, useful form.


Deferol, according to its manufacturer, works unlike other ineffective serotonin pills, boosters, or supplements. It is said to contain the required cofactors and relaxant for maximum premature ejaculation control and for men to last as long as possible in the lovemaking. Hailed as a “maximum-strength climax control male pill,” it is said to be backed by the science of premature ejaculation pill research, as well as serotonin (5-HT) research, dopamine, GABA, and beneficial natural ingredients. Deferol is non-prescription, and can be found in some known merchant sites such as Drugstore.com.


We would be happy to know the full list of ingredients, which the manufacturer has not disclosed. There is also insufficient attention to the multiple aspects of male enhancement science, focusing only on only climax control. Premature ejaculation is only one aspect of the complex problem of sexual dysfunction among men (and even women), so it is a must that a leading male enhancement supplement addresses all of them.

The Verdict

Deferol has a rather strong market presence and a good focus on a common male sexual concern, which is premature ejaculation. But is this enough? We hardly think so when there is a full roster of other problems, such as erectile size and strength, and the ability to have reliable libido and performance levels. Deferol has to get to work to address these deficiencies to be able to lead the pack of male supplements out there today.

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