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Dapovar Summary

Last Updated: April 07, 2021

Product Information

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Dapovar is a male enhancement supplement that boasts of a main component called 5-hydroxytryptamine, a compound developed and first sold in Holland and was later on approved for sale in the United States. This has been the highlight of a new human clinical study that its makers have dubbed “blockbuster,” and centers on a natural compound combination to help dramatically increase delays in ejaculation. Apart from addressing the recurring problem of premature ejaculation, Dapovar also aims to help increase sexual pleasure.

This new compound is believed to have a distinct molecular profile for the safe manipulation of SSRO receptors in your brain, and what this potentially leads to is maximum climax control, significantly possible in 94 percent of male users as shown in study. The compound also logged a 317 percent increase in sexual pleasure among male subjects. Through its ingredients, Dapovar is promoted for men of all ages to increase the length of their sexual pleasure without the use of drugs or chemicals, or even ineffective so-called ejaculation creams.


Dapovar’s main ingredients include graffonia seed extract (5-hydroxytryptamine), folic acid, passion flower, kava kava, and vitamin B6.


Dapovar exhibits a number of positive characteristics, including comprehensive information on its website (although we’d rather it publish its complete ingredient list). We can also see it in a positive light for its non-drug formulation, as well as its unique component, a natural compound that is evidently widely studied in laboratory tests for male enhancement. This compound also capitalizes on being safe to be taken along with other male enhancement pills and even erection drugs such as Viagra.


This supplement has its share of negative aspects as well, including the lack of scientific testing delving on its safety and effectiveness, particularly its natural compound. Its laboratory tests may add weight to its reputation and credibility, but there is still a compelling need to prove its excellent performance in human subjects and actual male enhancement users. We also find that the recommended dose of two capsules a day is likely not cost-effective.

The Verdict

What Dapovar performs so well in is offering a natural compound that is one of its kind in the market, with natural origins and such great potential. It also combines herbal ingredients with optimal action, although we would like to see the complete ingredient list. But Dapovar needs to go beyond having great potential and into outperforming other sexual enhancement supplements, which may cost cheaper and may be better and longer promoted in this trade.

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