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Climinax Summary

Last Updated: April 07, 2021


Climinax, with what it name suggests, is a male enhancement formula that specifically acts against premature ejaculation. According to its makers, the ingredients of this male sexual enhancer perform the action and function of a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), which leads to increased serotonin production in your brain. This extra boost in this helpful chemical is promoted to increase sexual performance for longer bouts and periods of time.


Climinax contains a number of herbal and nutritional ingredients, as well as common binders and agents, that include folate (as folate acid), blue passion flower extract, L-arginine HCL, griffonia seed extract, pyridoxine HCL, chrysin, vitamin B6 (as Pyidoxal-5-Phosphate), silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, rice flour, and gelatin.


Climinax is hailed by a number of reviews to help boost sexual productivity at a rate of up to 5.7 times longer than when there is no male supplement taken. The reviews are divided between favorable and not worth spending money on. Climinax’s main premise and selling point is better ejaculatory control, a problem faced by many men in the US and around the world today. It kills the pleasure that should be experienced together by couples, as well as leads to the buildup of more performance anxiety on the part of the man. Another main focus of this male enhancer is improving the intensity of erections.


Climinax has the makings of a reliable premature ejaculation fighter, but let’s look at pertinent areas of its performance. First is the recommended intake, which are one to two pills 1-2 hours before making love. Since sex can be a sudden activity and typically not planned, this is less-than-ideal and practical for men. Another is the lack of attention to other areas, such as libido enhancement and erectile power, which should all be addressed as interconnected aspects of male sexual prowess.

The Verdict

Should you have doubts with using Climinax, its manufacturer offers a 180-day money-back guarantee that you can read thoroughly and decide if you want to use. But in the final instance, does it make for an intelligent purchase? The answer lies in addressing fundamental problems, such as the number of recommended daily pills, which we find too much (and the intake quite unstructured). The product also needs to increase its visibility and promotions, including offering special deals to its target customers.

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