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Axcite Magnum Summary

Last Updated: April 07, 2021

Product Information

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Fayetteville, GA 30214


Axcite Magnum is a sexual enhancement supplement that promotes its distinct ability to cause a “magnum difference” in male sexual performance. It targets increasing sexual potency as well as overall performance of males. Its benefits are mostly credited to its magnum TST Technology, which is promoted as an all-natural, key alpha isomer component that will enhance testosterone levels naturally. Testosterone is responsible for male characteristics such as deepening of voice, muscle mass, and libido levels. Axcite Magnum is bannered as a natural solution for those suffering from erectile dysfunction, which prevents sufferers from achieving firmer, harder, stronger erections with regular supplemental use.


Axcite Magnum contains a mix of herbal and chemical ingredients such as red Korean ginseng root (standardized to NLT 5% ginsenosides), D-aspartic acid, epimedium extract (standardized to 40% icariin), and pine bark extract (standardized to 90% oligomeric proanthocyanidins).


Axcite Magnum touts its erection-related benefits, intending to result in bigger, firmer, and thicker erections especially among impotence sufferers. It aims to cause increased erection intensity, improved libido or sex drive, optimized overall sexual satisfaction, and eventually eliminating appointments with the doctor for erection and sexual wellness problems. This product is able to showcase a timeline of projected benefits, from Week 1 to Week 4 results from supplementation. It also offers discounts for multiple purchases, as well as it does not require prescription to be obtained.


The downside is that Axcite Magnum lacks comprehensive product information, which can work against its online presence and exposure, as well as customer trust and its overall reputation. Ingredient list is only partial, and the daily recommended dose can reach up to 6 capsules, bringing cost-effectiveness into question.

The Verdict

Axcite Magnum considers itself of a rare breed, and projects a leading-brand image with its patented technology and formulation. It publishes what to expect from supplementation from weeks 1 to 4, and this is where our problems stem: the benefits manifest rather slowly. This is apart from the fact that we do not see holistic effects, addressing only erection issues and not others such as climax control/stamina and other male enhancement dimensions. The emphasis on testosterone is laudable but needs further proof. Lastly we find it wasteful to consume up to 6 capsules a day, going against our preferred one-a-day formulation for sexual enhancement.

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