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Natural Ways for Heightening a Man’s Libido

Sure, medication will definitely be able to immensely improve your performance and sex drive. However, what are the other steps that you can take even on your own so that you can increase your sexual drive in the most natural way?

As it turned out, a healthy and effective combination of the keys and medication that are listed below can help to heighten your libido far beyond what both of these solutions can provide when they are alone. Here are the five keys in order for you to achieve sexual enhancement and boost your sexual drive in the most natural way.


Your intake of alcohol is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Usually, people end up drinking for loosening up or getting in the mood for sex. A drink or two can definitely give this kind of effect but when consumed too much, this can only result to impotence.

Also, smoking can impede libido as this restricts the flow of you blood. it becomes hard for blood to flow to the sexual organs when the blood vessels are narrow as the result of excessive smoking.

Weight Loss

The link between increased sexual performance and weight loss has always been a famous topic in the field of modern science. In fact, it has been proven that weight loss can facilitate the blood flow to the penile organ, which then leads to much stronger erections. In the same way, it has been noted that there is an increase of sexual drive after a weight loss of several pounds.

However, it was only recently when the science behind the sexual performance of men has been bolstered with a definite scientific evidence. In one study, it has been revealed that males who exercise for about 2 and a half hours every week while simultaneously following a healthy diet were able to increase the levels of their testosterone together with a 46% decrease in hypogonadism which is the usual cause of erectile dysfunction and low sexual drive.

Natural Libido and Food Supplements

It is not really a bit surprise to know that proper eating can actually have a great effect on the functions of your body. However, what is really surprising is that the flow of your blood has a strong connection with the amount of antioxidants and vitamins that you consume. Eating about 5 to 9 veggies and fruits every day will not just help in maintaining proper blood flow to your sexual organs but will also help in the prevention of some chronic diseases. Also, there are some natural male enhancement supplements which have been rumored to have the ability of heightening sexual performance. Even if there is very little definite evidence, one component, yohimbine has long been used by the Africans for a lot of years as a kind of aphrodisiac and is usually regarded as a natural counterpart of Viagra. Meanwhile, it has been proven scientifically that ginkgo biloba can increase the flow of blood not just to the organs but even to your brain.


While the other keys are backed up by science, massaging is a kind of mental tool that can boost you or your partner’s libido. Particularly when stressed, a good massage can relax your mind and body, plus the fact that it can also have some arousing effects when done correctly.


The last but definitely not the least key in order for you to achieve sexual enhancement by enhancing your libido is your mentality. Nothing has more power and control over your physical performance than your mind. Be confident and stay positive and you will surely be at your peak.

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