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Male Enhancement Alert – Risk Factors of Penis Cancer

After the verdict was announced regarding the trial on a certain doctor who removed the penis of a man from Kentucky during routine circumcision, a lot of people have been left wondering as to how common cancer of the penis is and what type of screening is currently available so there will be no need for them to be worried should they find themselves in the same situation.

The moment Phillip Seaton has checked in for routine circumcision in the hopes of relieving swelling, both he and his doctor never imagined that their future will be bombarded with a full blown media circus because of a cancer diagnosis penis amputation. Even though there are a lot of men who sympathized with the trauma of having to wake up only to find that your anatomy’s intimate part is gone, you cannot only forget the fact that the very impromptu surgery is the one that saved the life of Phillip Seaton. So, the biggest question here is why was the patient’s cancer not diagnosed sooner?

Even though it is a very rare case in the United States, based on the estimates of the American Cancer Society, around 320 men are dying because of penis carcinoma while the remaining 1,350 cases are going to be diagnosed. More often than not, a lot of doctors find it hard to treat this kind of cancer because half of the treatment of such cases gets delayed because of reluctance, whether because of embarrassment or fear, to consult their physician. Delays like these give the localized cancer the chance of spreading, which will ultimately end up to either partial if not complete amputation.

All cancers have their own unique and individualized set of risk factors and as it happens, penis cancer is not an exemption. While the following risk factors increases the chances of a man to develop penis cancer, this condition can also be experienced even by those who do not have even a single risk factor at all.

Male Enhancement Alert 1 – The Risk of Not Getting Circumcised

Men who have been circumcised shortly after they were given birth to seem to have lesser chances of suffering from cancer of the penis. However, if your foreskin has been removed later in life, it will not lessen the risk probably because this is related to some other risk factors.

Male Enhancement Alert 2 – Human Papilloma Virus

The HPV infection has been found in almost half of all penis cancer cases. While the body can usually fight off HPV infection, there are also instances when the infection becomes chronic which can then lead to other kinds of cancer, which include penis cancer.

Male Enhancement Alert 3 – Penis Inflammation or Irritation

Penis inflammation or irritation that results from secretion buildup known as smegma below the foreskin can cause increased chances of suffering from cancer. One condition, Phimosis, has become common among the males who have developed penis cancer. These conditions can be easily prevented through frequent and thorough cleaning while the foreskin is retracted.

Male Enhancement Alert 4 – Smoking

Once combined with HPV infection, smoking can increase your risks of suffering from penile cancer.

Male Enhancement Alert 5 – Age

The chances of developing penile cancer also increases when you age, with around 80% of the cases being recorded among men aged 55.

Make sure that you consult your doctor right away to ensure that you are not suffering from penis cancer, whether or not you have the above risk factors.

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