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Increase Volume With These Male Enhancement Foods

There is definitely nothing wrong if you will ejaculate only a little semen amount when engaging in a sexual intercourse. However, there also happens to be those instances where in the cause of the issue is not something natural but instead, it is something that results from the physical problem that affects the person. Good thing that today, there is no longer a need for you to purchase those costly products for male enhancement for there are now certain foods that have been proven to be effective when it comes to increasing the semen volume in the most natural way.

Nuts and Grains

Nuts are highly recommended for enhancement of the seminal volume as these are abundant in zinc and essential amino acids, which, as based on research, can help in boosting male sexual performance. In order to get maximum benefit, make sure that you consumer quarter cup of nuts every day. Zinc can also found in granola and oatmeal and these are also rich in L-arginine and L-carnitine, the two of which can also be found in meat as well. Also, you might want to include barley and wheat into your diet since these can also promote production of semen.

Fruits and Vegetables

Everyone knows that vegetables and fruits are very much needed so that your organs will be able to function properly. However, what most guys don’t know is that these are also as great as the male enhancement products. All the vegetables that you can find are great for your body yet if improved semen volume and sexual prowess is what you are after, you need to eat lots of dark green leafy veggies, including asparagus, spinach, okra, and seaweed. All of them, particularly spinach and seaweed, are especially recommended for the males as these have high content of amino acids which can prevent fatigue and improve the functions of the body.

Your diet must also include pink grapefruit, red bell pepper, watermelon, tomatoes, and guava as these are good sources of lycopene. According to some new research studies, lycopene works just like the male enlargement products as this can help in increasing the volume of semen. In addition, this can also help in maintaining the health of your prostate.


L-arginine and L-carnitine can be found in tuna, poultry, and red meats, while zinc is present in the lean red meats. In order to make the most out of the said essential nutrients, you have to vary the kinds of meats that you eat. Once combined with healthy lifestyle, such diet will definitely boost the volume of your semen.


You have read that right. Water can actually does so much more for your sexual enhancement than the rest of the fancy drinks that you can find out there. Nothing is unusual regarding this because as you know, water is needed in order for your bodily organs to function properly. For sure, you have been told over and over again that you have to drink 8 glasses of water daily as a minimum, and this advice is something that you have to heed. Once your drink lesser than this amount, your body will become hydrated which can cause all kinds of health issues, both long and short term ones. When you drink less water, less semen will be produced by the body. Also, when you are dehydrated, you will feel weak and you will lack the endurance needed for a satisfying and pleasurable love making.

Without a doubt, male enhancement products can really be of great help. Yet, you also have to remember that eating the proper types and right amounts of food will not necessarily increase your seminal volume overnight. It is important to give your body enough time for it to adjust. However, once you make it a point to eat healthy all the time and lead a healthier lifestyle, you can expect that there will be an increase in your semen volume together with your ability of lasting longer inside the bedroom.

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